Surf Life Saving needs you to Be a Life Saver


You know at the beach that you should always swim between the flags. 

You know that if you’re in trouble in the water at a patrolled beach, you can raise your hand and signal to the Surf Lifesavers in the red and yellow caps for help.

But did you know that all of the Surf Lifesavers on your beach are volunteers?

Surf Lifesavers give their time to make sure that you and your family are safe at the beach.

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Surf Life Saving is a Worthy Cause that needs Funding

Were you aware that Surf Life Saving is a community cause that relies on donations to save lives on the beach?

We need your help to fund our life saving work, this summer and for every summer to come.

Will you make a donation to make sure Surf Lifesavers are rescue ready on all patrolled beaches?


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Saving Lives in the Surf

Every life saved is priceless, but every rescue comes at a cost. 

Every piece of Surf Life Saving equipment - from rescue tubes to Inflatable Rescue Boats - must be purchased, maintained and eventually replaced.

Each year Surf Life Saving has a responsibility to make sure our volunteer Surf Lifesavers have the most up to date training in resuscitation, first aid and rescue techniques.

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Are you ready to Be A Life Saver?   

You already agree that Surf Life Saving is absolutely valuable to your community.

Now that you know that your friends and family’s safety at the beach is safeguarded by passionate volunteers who commit to training and patrolling your beaches every week – will you donate and support Surf Life Saving?

Surf Lifesavers save lives on Australian beaches. But now we have our hands up. We need your help.

Please donate today and you too can Be a Life Saver.   

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Surf Life Saver - Adriaan's Rescue Story

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